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Our Muses

At UTadventure tours, we focus on beauty, art, meaningful experiences, creativity and real intimate connections between human beings, and every one of our models shares similar ideals.

We carefully select only the highest level professionals who are true artists at heart. Our modern day muses are eager to share their creative vision with our photographers and actively participate in creative process.

All of UTadventure models are equal collaborators with our photographers in creating stunning art in our breathtaking locations.

Take a look at our 2017 model lineup to get to know them better.

Dasha U

Dasha is the co-owner and co-organizer of UTadventure tours. A highly experienced professional muse, she specializes in fine art and fashion nudes. A full blooded Russian, a world traveler, an outdoor junkie, a bohemian gypsy, and definitely a complex creature.

A true believer in living life fully, spiritually and with intensity, in modeling she finds freedom to express her inner passions in front of the camera. Dasha believes that the responsibility of a true artist is to think and feel for all those who can’t and won’t. She always looks for genuine connection with her photographer that results in artistic collaboration and mind blowing, dynamic art.


Anastasia is an international model, photographer, and a photo adventure organizer. Originally from Ukraine, now a cosmopolite, she has collaborated with numerous respected artists worldwide, participated in educational workshops as a model, organized several herself, mostly in Italy, her work has been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries.

She prefers to be called photoactress, she feels the light with her skin, poses intuitively and needs no direction. Her feminine curves, strength and flexibility, combined with adventurous spirit and sensibility of an artist makes her an ultimate muse

Anoush Anou

Anoush is a well travelled artist hailing from rural New Zealand. She has modeled for 7+ years across a variety of genres. Her work has appeared in numerous galleries books and magazines.

Anoush is currently based in Columbus, OH but travels extensively throughout the US, Europe and Australia.

She lives to create art, meet interesting people and to experience new things.

Fredau Wallace

Fredau Wallace is a freelance model with over 7 years of full-time experience in the business. While posing for a wide range of styles, she has specialized herself in art-nude and fashion nude photography. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, lived in Scotland for 6 years but has chosen Toronto, Canada for her home since early 2014.

During her career she managed to gain herself an excellent reputation for her posing and professionalism in the art-photography scene in Europe, Canada and beyond.

St olive

As a model, Olive brings depth and life to any image. She believes that modeling is a way a photographer can work with their muse to tell a story, and she gains inspiration from that idea.

Originally from Utah, we are excited to have this stunning curvaceous brunette join us in Mexico for her second UTadventure. She is also a professional actress, with a history of ballet, and various other forms of dance. Olive is most comfortable out in nature, especially the desert, where she spent a good deal of her life.

Christine Idiivil

Hailing from Los Angeles, Christine is a multigenre model of Japanese and Czech descent. She utilizes her unmarked skin and ethnic ambiguity to be a blank canvas for her artistic collaborators and focuses on helping deliver an expression of human story and emotion.

Ultimately, Christine believes that the nude form is the most honest presentation of a human being. Given humanity's origins from the wild, it only makes sense for her to combine the two. She always looks forward to modeling in nature, where figure and form reign supreme.

Lillias Right

Modeling has been an important cornerstone in my life for the past 6 years. Shedding my shell of comfort and modesty was actually relatively easy. I craved the freedom of accepting my own body and the much needed therapy of seeing myself from a new set of eyes, as an artist.

My goal is to widen the range of beauty we find in society. I want the world to recognize the humanity and realness in nude art rather than just sex appeal. Too often women are met with an image that does not represent themselves. I want to be a figure whom women look to for encouragement and say "I can do that too". I want everyone to know the freedom and comfort in confidence.

Mika Lovely

I'm Mika and I'll be your resident South Floridian for the week! My modeling adventures began as a fun hobby and a desire to create in a new realm. After almost 8 years, it's become my passion, drive, and current career path. I strive to produce unique, beautiful, and provocative imagery and leave all clichés on the wayside.

I'm excited and honored to be involved in my first UTadventure tour in 2017! As a fellow creative, I look forward to ensuring that you leave with works of art that you pride yourself in. I'm happy to play collaborator, malleable subject, or even director during this event to optimize your educational and artistic experience! Let’s make this an event to remember.

Nicole Vaunt

Nicole is a Creative with a capital C; a model who uses her body as her main artistic medium. Adventurous and upbeat, she has shoot on mountains and icebergs and everywhere in-between during her seven years as a working professional.

Establishing safe resources for new models and organizing/participating in educational workshops for photographers are a few of the ways Nicole has furthered her dedication to the freelance photographic community.


An equine beauty with a ballet background, proficient in art, glam, fashion, editorial, and many genres between. Gwen's resume includes numerous nude in nature workshops, international travel and publication, and an upstanding reputation in the fine art community.

Kim Weston considers Gwen a main muse, and she participates in nearly all of his workshops. Her passion is beauty and art. Her modeling style is fluid and intuitive. Her posing is emotive and engaged.

Sienna Hayes

Sienna is a passionate art model and proud Canadian. She enjoys shooting a variety of genres, but specializes in fine art, figurative work, fashion nudes, and portraiture.

She thrives on shooting nudes in nature because it combines her passion for art modelling and the great outdoors. As a model and in her personal life she is always eager to explore more of the world's brilliant landscapes. She loves finding ways to merge herself with nature through creative posing, and is known for going the extra mile to get the shot.

St Merrique

Always bringing a positive spirit to a shoot, St. Merrique has been in the arts and entertainment industry nearly all her life. With a dance, yoga, theatre, and music background, she takes her work seriously yet brings a fun and determined attitude to drive the execution of any project.

St. Merrique's modeling style is emotive, fluid, graceful, theatrical and sometimes primitive. She is a nature girl and passionate about growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self; Art is about self-expression and self-awareness no matter how crazy the ideas. Get it out of your system through positive creativity and stay true to yourself.

Meet our models

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Mika Lovely
Nicole Vaunt
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